AMO – the easy way to shop for MELILEA

AMO is an automatic ordering plan where you can customize according to your needs. You start enjoying its benefits as soon as you have set up your ongoing arrangement just once.

We will deliver the items you order to your doorstep at a date and time convenient to you, every month, at no extra charge.

Benefits of joining AMO

1. So convenient – just tick on the check-list for the items you normally consume and never suffer run out of stock again.

2. Save money – no need to pay for parking charges, fuel cost, toll charges, car wear and tear, etc., because we deliver righ to your door.

3. Save time – take the hassle out of shopping for your nutrition, skincare, personal care and home care needs. Our service leaves you

4. Reliable and punctual delivery – we make sure you get the items you ask for on time, every time.

It’s easy to sign up, just 3 simple steps:

AMO button-01

To download the AMO application form Click Here