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Packing size: 1 unit
Product Code: 10246


Pamper Your Beautiful Skin to an Amazing SPA Treatment… Anywhere!
MagicFountain atomizes the nutrients in your facial toner into a gentle stream of fine mist. So fine, the nutrients in the mist go deep into your skin for that refreshing sensation, making your skin soft, smooth and feeling great. Now you can experience the fountain of youthful beauty.

  • Small, hand-size – easy to be used anywhere as you like!
  • Atomizes nutrients for better penetration into skin
  • Keeps your skin moisturised for up to 24 hours
  • Leaves your skin fresh, sloths your skin after sunburn
  • Apply any time, great before moisturiser or for freshening your make up.

How Does MagicFountain Work?

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  1. Ordinary water-based molecules are usually bigger than the size of our skin’s pores (approximately 20–50 microns).
  2. What does is to agitate these water-based skincare molecules at 135–140KHZ to produce an amazing 140,000 ultrasonic per second, forcing them through a fine precision membrane thus breaking them into much smaller sizes (around 2 microns).
  3. These molecules are then atomised as mist onto your skin. Because they are now smaller than the pores of our skin, the molecules easily permeate our skin completely carrying their benefits to the deeper layers for maximum efficacy.

How to Use?

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  1. After cleansing your face, apply hydrating mist evenly by using QINETIX MagicFountain.
  2. Beginning from your T-zone, slide the panel to activate the device. Keep the spray 10–15 cm from your face. The device switches off automatically after a 30-second cycle. Avoid excessive inhalation of toner mist and keep your eyes closed.
  3. Slide the panel up and down again to apply another 30-second cycle where appropriate for checks, chin and neck.

We recommend using the device with MELILEA products only as other brands of beauty care products may compromise the operation and efficacy of beauty care.