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Packing size: 1 unit
Product Code: 10247


Pamper Your Skin to an Amazing SPA Treatment… Anywhere!
The SecretSPA works in two revolutionary ways. First, it extracts the deepest impurities from under your skin. Then, it delivers the nutrients of your beauty essence to where your skin needs most, for a softer, smoother, lovelier complexion. Truly beautiful skin is now in your hand-SecretSPA exclusively from QINETIX.

  • ABS Resin (Body) and E Stainless Steel (Ion Discharging Disc).
  • Ultra-portable handheld device, easy to be used anywhere you like.
  • Cleanse Mode (CLE) helps to remove dirt and impurities from your skin.
  • Ion Mode (ION) helps to infuse the nutrients and other moisturizing ingredients.
  • Apply moisturizer, essence or vitamins C or bio-cellulose mask by using Ion Mode for optimum beauty care results.

How Does SecretSPA Work? 

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  1. With breakthrough Iontophoresis technology for 3D beauty, the SecretSPA works to ionize your beauty moisturizer or essence, with positive and negative charges.
  2. CLE-Mode: ABS Resin (Body) and E Stainless Steel (Ion Discharging Disc), with positive charge ions bringing out oil, dirt and impurities.
  3. ION-Mode: ABS Resin (Body) and E Stainless Steel (Ion Discharging Disc), with negative charge ions bringing nutrients deep into skin.

How to Use?
CLE-Mode: Remove oil, dirt and impurities from deeper skin layer, easy to use!

  1. Saturate cotton with regular facial cleanser, secure cotton with ring lock on device.
  2. Select CLE-Mode and Intensity level I, II or III.
  3. Apply cotton to one side of face and move the SecretSPA on face in circular motion (down-and-up) gently. Change the cotton and repeated for another side.


ION-Mode: Infuse nutrients and other moisturizing ingredients into deeper skin layer, enhance skin absorption!

  1. Select ION-Mode and Intensity level I, II or III .
  2. After cleansing complete, apply toner. Apply preferred beauty treatment moisturizer or essence evenly on face. Use device to infuse in circular motion (up-and-down) gently.
  3. Focus on uneven tone, pigmentation or freckles areas, follow by whole face. Apply daily skin care product as usual.