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TECHNOLOGY to Reveal the BEAUTY Within You

A non-invasive, painless, non-surgical cosmetic technique that safely and effectively improves the health and appearance of the skin. It provides satisfying results without the recovery and expenses of surgeries. Our naturally firm and elastic skin will sag due to various factors such as environmental pollution, smoking, alcohol, free radicals, stay up late, pressure, and so on. Although we are not able to avoid these factors or to prevent the aging process, we can definitely slow down the aging process and the signs of aging.

    • Exercises your face and neck muscles for healthier skin
    • Massages facial massage points for better absorption of vital nutrients
    • Promotes blood Miro-circulation to achieve rosy pink cheeks
    • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines for smoother skin
    • Firms the skin and restores its elasticity
    • Delays muscle sagging and lifts facial contours

How It Work? 

  1. MELILEA Skin Toning Module applies microcurrent technology to produce a mild electric current.
  2. The MELILEA Skin Toning Module is powered by a 9 volt battery. This voltage is also within the range acceptable by human body, making it totally safe and not harmful to you in any way. Stringent quality control ensures no electric leakage.
  3. The mild pulsating current contracts and relaxes muscles rhythmically, strengthening and firming up the sluggish and sagging muscles. A session of 10-20 minutes a day is sufficient.

Directions for use:

qinetix_adv_toning_module - method2

  1. After cleansing, apply MELILEA Hydrating Facial Gel on your facial massage points.
  2. Place the Skin Toning Module on the specified massage point. Start with Point 1 (see diagram).
  3. Turn on the module and gradually increase the intensity (1-lowest, 5-highest) until a gentle tingling sensation is felt. Remain for 30 seconds and then turn off the power.
  4. Move on to Point 2 and repeat Step 3.
  5. After that, gently sliding the Skin Toning Module from Point 1 to Point 2, repeat 10 times.
  6. Proceed to Point 3-4 and Point 5-7 in the same way (repeat Step 2 to Step 5).
  7. Repeat all the procedures at the same massage points on the other side of your face.
  8. Switch off the power once completed. Clean the brass contact points of Skin Toning Module with dry cloth of tissue paper. And cleanse your face with facial cleanser.