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Packing Size: 500g (17.6oz)
Product Code: 40104
Natural Honey – Precious Gifts of Nature!
MELIGENE PURE ORGANIC EUCALYPTUS HONEY WITH ROYAL JELLY is honest-to-goodness organic honey in the market. It is made from certified organic eucalyptus honey from New South Wales, Australia. The region is known for its clean and green farming. Our product is sourced from floral varieties of the eucalyptus trees in the Central West NSW, harvested and produced in accordance to the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) regulations, and is highly regarded for its strong flavor profile.

High Purity & High Performance
High in Polyphenols (eucalyptus honey + royal jelly)
• Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria
High in minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium)
• Helps to repair damaged skin and improve self-healing power
High in Amino Acids
• Directly absorbed by the body for collagen synthesis
High in Premium Glucose
• Provides energy and hydrates skin
Made from Australian Honey and Imported Royal Jelly. Each 100g contain 90g of pure organic eucalyptus honey and 10g of royal jelly.
Take a non-metallic spoonful, about 20g per day. Add as a natural sweetener to your beverages, cooking and baking.