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Our Founder Group Chairman
Justice of Peace (JP), DMSM, Hon.Ph.D

Datuk Prof. Dr Alan Wong established MELILEA with a belief – ‘Give everyone a chance’, and has created a business platform where anyone can realise their ambitions and create steady and sustainable wealth.

Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong is Founder and Group Chairman of MELILEA International Group of Companies and is the winner of the prestigious Stevie Award as Executive of the Year 2011 and The Brandlaureate World Brandpreneur Life Inspired Achievement Award 2018. In 2020, he was appointed as President of Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand Committee for USA.

These days, Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong is widely recognized as an individual who has reached the peak of self-actualization. Yet, things weren’t always that easy.

In his youth, he faced many trials and challenges, starting from very humble beginnings. At the age of 19, he left his tiny village of Labu and to work in the big city of Kuala Lumpur. He endured and persevered through hard times to achieve his dream - to become successful enough to help others overcome the numerous challenges he had done.

That dream has come true many times over. He has absolutely transformed his life to become one of the outstanding CEOs in the Asia and an entrepreneur of multinational companies.

Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong has extensive financial and management experience, with over thirty years of experience in international network marketing. As co-creator of Global Netplus System business blueprint, he has personally mentored numerous lives from diverse backgrounds around the world and turned them into multi-millionaires with his unique entrepreneurial wisdom.

He is an authority in international strategic marketing and a renowned business educator. His outstanding leadership has been known in the industry. His excellent leadership style has also attracted interviews from renowned magazines, newspapers and media such as World Journal, Phoenix TV-Money Wise, Business Times and the CEO Magazine Asia.

Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong has won a string of accolades, including the Stevie Award in Wellness & Health from the American Business Awards Organization and the European Award for Best Practices from European Society for Quality Research (ESQR). He has also been bestowed a Datuk-ship, been made a Justice of the Peace, and earned a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) and a Professorship.

He is a diversified investor in real estate investment and property development, organic farming and manufacturing, organic retail stores and natural beauty spas. He is a pioneer in the wellness industry for combining with social enterprise, e-commerce and mobile business marketing.

Credibility, integrity and organic lifestyle are not only watchwords in MELILEA’s culture, they also form his personal moral compass and principles.

Our Founder Executive President
DPSM. Hon. PhD
With an open heart, she conscientiously reaches out to the less fortunate, senior citizens and orphans, helping them as the perfect demonstration of MELILEA’s nurturing and socially conscious brand.

Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin has over 25 years’ experience in international business management and marketing, with her personal touch on personnel development, resource planning and operational management. Together with her husband, Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong, she founded MELILEA International and brought it to the successful multinational social enterprise it is today.

Datuk Prof. Dr Stella Chin is the best example of the woman who has a dynamic, balanced life. She has not only transformed her own life, but has also successfully helped others transform their health, beauty, success and happiness.

This leadership by example has left deep impressions in everyone’s hearts and minds. She gives utmost importance to care for the society. Through her brainchild, Stellavingze International, she plays a vital role in leading women from all walks of life empower themselves and achieve success and meaning.

Datuk Prof. Dr Stella Chin outstanding work in this field has gained numerous accolades, including "Best Enterprise Corporate Social Responsibility Award" in Charity Festival of Chinese 2019 of Taipei in 2019.

She was also the special guest at the Women Leadership Forum in the 2019 Global Peace Convention held in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2016, she launched her first book, “The Happiness That I Know” which detailed her origins and philosophy. Its success in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia spurred her to write her follow-up, “The Art of Position”, in 2018, which has since achieved best-seller status as well. In 2020, a drama “The Art of Position” was launched in Taiwan adaption based on her best seller book “The Art of Position”.

In 2015, Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin achieved the remarkable feat of being the first Asian Chinese woman to win 4 prestigious awards in the 12th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business, namely, Female Entrepreneur of the Year (Consumer Products); Female Entrepreneur of the Year (Asia, Australia/New Zealand); Female Executive of the Year (Consumer Products); and Business Mentor/Coach of the Year (Other Industries).

In 2011, she was winner of the Outstanding Brand Character of The Year for the Grand-Global Golden Brand Award by The General Association of Global Brand Alliance.

In 2010, she was the first Malaysia female entrepreneur to be the finalist in numerous categories for the Stevie Awards.

In 2007, she won the Third Annual World Outstanding Chinese Female Entrepreneur Award, making her the first Malaysian and the youngest Chinese women worldwide to win the coveted award.

Today, s Datuk Prof. Dr Stella Chin continues on her mission to spread the good news of MELILEA everywhere and how it can help anyone thrive in the most challenging times.